Omar N. Bradley Regional Airport


The Omar N. Bradley Regional Airport is conveniently located between Kansas City and St. Louis and 30 minutes north of Columbia, Missouri. 

Our goal is to provide you with fast, friendly service, and the best fuel prices in the area. Improvements and expansions are underway to help better serve your needs.

Airport Aerial View

Airport Details

  • Airport Identifier: MBY
  • Elevation: 867
  • Latitude: 39º27.81′
  • Location: 3 miles North of Downtown Moberly
  • Longitude: 92º25.58′
  • Unicom: 122.7


  • 13/31 - 5001′ x 75′, asphalt, lights MIRL, REIL, VGSI-P4L
  • 5/23 - 3349′ x 60′, asphalt, lights MIRL
  • Approaches: VOR, GPS, RNAV

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