Public Utilities


The mission of City of Moberly Public Utilities is to provide our customers with a reliable water supply, and essential sewer, drainage, and storm water services that safeguard public health, maintain the City’s infrastructure, and protect, conserve, and enhance our environmental resources.

How do I turn on water?

To have your utilities (water and sewer) turned on you will need to visit the Public Utilities office, located at 101 W. Reed, between 8am-4:45pm.  An application will be necessary regardless of whether you are renting or own your home.  Applications for service will not be processed after 4:45pm.  We greatly appreciate it if you are able to come in at lease one (1) business day before you would like to have your utilities operable.  

What do I need to turn on water if I am renting?  

  • A photo I.D.
  • $125 for a water deposit
  • current copy of your lease agreement
  • A current occupancy inspection

What do I need to turn on water if I own my home?

  •  A photo I.D.
  • Proof of ownership of the home
  • A current occupancy permit

How can I pay my water bill?

If the customer moves to another residential rental property, requiring series from the City of Moberly’s Public Utility office, the deposit will be transferred to the new property with the customer paying the final bill at the old residence.  If the final bill at the customer’s previous residence is not paid the services at the new service location may be disconnected.  

New Service Paperwork

New service contract

 Cycle 1 and 2 Billing